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India 500 Startup Awards 2019 Winner Ecological Concepts Pvt Ltd, India's Biggest Business Awards


Who We Are

A startup company devoted to work in detoxifying water bodies anywhere

We are an organization with multifarious activities in the drinking water and water purification & treatment field. We have been active in dealing with eminent products meant for household consumption. After doing this for a number of years, we have evolved our strategy to go for bigger scale involvement in wastewater decontamination sector.

What We Do (Services/Solutions)

Ecological Sewage Processing

Nowadays, the environmental problems associated with residual color in industrial effluents have posed a serious threat to many environmental scientists. The effluents from the industries ....

Industrial Wastewater Treatment by Ecological Technology

Some decades back, all manufacturing activity consisted of simple chemicals and formulae but as the technology improved, .....

Drains Treatment using Bio Oxygenation

Many of the applicators in water treatment will insist on storing of water to treat the water for pollution. This is an easy way out for them but not for installations with flowing.....

Ponds Treatment using Bio Oxygenation

Ponds, they contain static water and captive organic/inorganic sludge. As per the tolerance of the water, its level of contamination, animal/human pathogens, we dose the......


Water Conservation: 25-Year-Old Engineer Ramveer Tanwar’s Efforts Revive Many Lakes In Uttar Pradesh

Ramveer Tanwar has restored ten ponds in the last three years, removing tonnes of garbage from them

Man from UP to help save Bengaluru’s Hosakote Lake

25-yr-old, who was instrumental in reviving dozens of lakes,inspires residents to revive landmark water body

After Garbage Killed His Village Pond, This Noida Techie Revived 10 Lakes in 5 Years!

Juggling his job in an MNC, this hardworking farmer’s son utilises his after-work hours and weekends to breathe fresh life into Noida’s lakes. The kind of hero India truly needs!

Our Team

Mahesh Uppal

Founder ECPL

Dr. Suhasini Bhatnagar

Research Scientist

Prof. S.K. Mehta

Principal Advisor

Ramveer Tanwar


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