Ecological Concepts

Who We Are

Who We Are

A startup company devoted to work in detoxifying water bodies anywhere

We are an organization with multifarious activities in the drinking water and water purification & treatment field. We have been active in dealing with eminent products meant for household consumption. After doing this for a number of years, we have evolved our strategy to go for bigger scale involvement in wastewater decontamination sector. With our VISION To Develop, Demonstrate & Execute (within or outside India) Innovative Bio-Oxygenation & Restoration Treatments that consist of New or Modified Processes, Ecological Practices, Sustainable Systems Technologies which benefit the Environment and so contribute to environmental sustainability for enhancing Wastewater  through insitu-Treatment & Rejuvenation of open Water-bodies and Water-ways like Drains, Ponds, Lakes, Sarovers, Wetlands and River for Effective  Water Reuses. We follow a technique called Bio-Oxygenation, whereby by using Bio nutrients consisting of various trace elements embedded in an atom to revive the hydro food chain with nitrogen and oxygen available in the atmosphere.  To aid faster recovery, we use a few strains of bacterial enzymes (harmless to any living creature and with short life span) to take out the impurities in water the natural way, without use of any chemical element whatsoever.

Our Aim

Bio-Oxygenation Process is to establish our technology at Government domain. The first and tangible benefit of our project is to eradicate pollution to a major extent by purifying the water in the water bodies and ways. We wanted to prove at a large scale and establishing our key ecological benefits which are as under

  1. Low Cost Natural Ecological “Waste to Wealth” Solution.
  2. No Capital Investment and No Power Requirements.
  3. Does not require any structural change in water bodies
  4. Cost Even Less Than the Operating Cost of WWTP's, STP’s & ETP’s
  5. Drains Ponds Lakes & Rivers can be rejuvenated AGAIN Using Our Natural Ecological Sustainable Process.
  6. We Are Using sewage to grow more fish.
  7. The major cost can be recovered from sale of fish.
  8. This is a BEST EXAMPLE of “Waste to Wealth” solution


You don’t need any introduction or lecture on the level of pollution of air, water or the atmosphere – there are so many well-meaning organizations fighting a slowly winning battle over these problem, we are proud we are also one among the many carrying on the fight and winning.

Our Aim
Our Strengths

Our Strengths

Look at our strengths –

  • A Government recognized STARTUP Company Registered Under # startupINDIA Initiative CERTIFICATE No.DIPP7020
  • Started as an Affiliated and incubated to one of the premier agencies likeIndian institute of management, (IIML) Lucknow as the only Startup working in the field of wastewater treatment
  • Selected as a partner with United Nations Development Program (UNDP) for working in troubled areas of sustainable development through their initiative of Global Goals Jam 2017- Design 2030 Now
  • Accredited to many major NGOs like SOCIAL ACTION FOR FOREST AND ENVIRONMENT (SAFE)Nakshatra Foundations, Aaruthal Foundation, India Water Foundations and many more
  • Our process and technology approved by India’s biggest de-pollution movement, National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) also popularly referred to as NamamiGange
NMCG Technology Approval letter_1
NMCG Technology Approval letter_2

Where do all the above take us?

As phase 1 of the integrated plan to clean the mighty river Ganga, major drains carrying polluted water to Ganga are being sterilized, and NMCGhas identified more than 300 such major drain-tributaries along the 2425 kms of river Ganga.

This project is supposed to run till such time a proper stp is erected across the drains, may be around 24 – 60 months.


Udyog Aadhaar MSME Registration

Udyog Aadhaar Number UP28D0008478

ROC Registration

CIN U93090UP2017PTC092090

Permanent Account Number (PAN)


Recognized as a startup by Government of India Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion

DIPP No.7020

Incubated By IIM Lucknow L-Incubator

incubator/IIMLNC/2017/0116 Dated 11/4/2017